Wedding in San Miguel de Allende

An Amazing Wedding in San Miguel de Allende

Enero 27, 2017

I still remember the day that Gastón called me up and told me that he was planning a special event. He had heard about me because Raquel had mentioned that she liked our pictures. As Gastón began to explain his special event I realized that what he wanted to do was ask Raquel to marry him. Since that moment, we realized that this wedding was going to be very special, Gastón was always looking for special ways to surprise his soon to be bride Raquel. When the time came to propose, he decided to prepare something very special at the Helicon Towers in Monterrey, Mexico. With a beautiful and grand proposal, Raquel said YES and from that day forward they were engaged.

When Raquel and Gastón asked us to be their wedding photographers we were more than delighted to be part of their special day and quite excited to find out that their wedding would take place in a small picturesque town known as San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. We were prepared to give our all while documenting every single moment of their amazing day.

Before the religious wedding took place in San Miguel de Allende, we had the opportunity to cover their Civil wedding in Monterrey, Mexico. Along with the presence of close family and friends, Raquel & Gastón married one another in a very emotional and detailed event. With smiles from ear to ear, we knew they had a special and unique connection to one another.

As the months passed by and wedding plans for the religious wedding continued to progress, we planned to do a “connection session” in a small town called Linares, where both Raquel and Gastón are originally from. As we drove to the session, Raquel and Gastón shared their love story of how they met and how they ended up falling for one another. Something told us this was going to be an amazing story to remember, so without them knowing, we recorded the audio as they shared their story. We later used this audio recording for a small photo video we later gave them.

During the “connection session” we visited Raquel’s family estate as well as Gastón’s family orange orchards to take some special and significant pictures. As we left, we stop by another small town called Hualahuises where we found some beautiful landscapes which only helped highlight the love and connection that Raquel and Gastón have for one another. Time flew by quickly throughout the session, and soon it was time go home. As we drove back we stopped to have dinner with them and we ended up talking about a million things. It was then and there that we truly felt that we weren’t only their suppliers, but we had become friends along the way.

Finally the awaited day arrived and as always we were received with a huge hug and much happiness from the bride and groom. We were ready to start documenting one of the most exciting weddings of the year!

The religious wedding took place in the San Francisco Temple, in San Miguel de Allende. The church was full of family, friends and stunning flower arrangements, it was here that we witnessed the joining of two families before God.

After the wedding ceremony finished, we headed over to the Hacienda San José La Vista, where there was a cocktail party followed by a magical reception. Diana Sandoval, (wedding coach and event designer) was in charge of the amazing decoration at the wedding venue. As we prepared for the grand entrance of the newlyweds, you could feel the love and positive energy throughout the event. Finally, it was time to click away as the new Mr. & Mrs. made their spectacular entrance to the event with fireworks.

Thank you, Raquel and Gastón, for having treated us so kindly throughout this special time in your lives. I hope to continue being part of your story.